Body Weight Workout

Total body ‘body weight’ only workout. Starts with a core/balance warm up for three rounds, and then complete the second part for 5 rounds.

Part 1 x 3 Rounds

Bearcrawl Hold Shoulder Tap x 10ea

Keep hips still, keep knees close to floor.

SL Reaches x 10ea

Focus on keeping hips squared to the floor and ‘hinging’ like you would in a deadlift.

Part 2 x 5 Rounds

Pendulum Lunges x 8ea

If forward lunges bother your knees, swap out for 10 reverse lunges each

Push Up Shoulder Tap x 10

Can modify to from your knees

Mermaids x 10ea

Can modify with more of a knee tuck (shorten your leg length to make it easier) or a side plank HOLD for 30s each

Alternating Lateral Lunges x 10ea

Sit your butt back and keep your weight biased towards your heels.

Mountain Climbers x 25ea 

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