This workout requires one medium to heavier weight KB and your body weight to do as prescribed in the video. If you only have a lighter KB, drop down to 3 rounds and do 15 reps of everything for the strength circuit.

Core Warm Up x 3 Rounds

Supermans x 10

Facedown on the ground, lift legs and arms up and squeeze your butt, pause for 2 seconds at the top

Get Up Sit Up w/ Hip Bridge x 6ea

Anchor one elbow and opposite heel to the floor and push through both as you reach up to a sit up, and then press hips up into a bridge.

Strength Circuit x 4 Rounds

Alternating KB Row from the floor x 8ea

KB should return to the floor each time, maintain a tight core from  a hinge position, row the weight towards your hip while pulling your shoulders down and back

Single Arm KB Swing x 8ea

Pull KB from floor towards you and through your legs. Maintain a tight core as you use your hip thrust forward to float the kettlebell back out in front of you. Keep upperback engaged and a flat back throughout.

KB Clean to Squat x 8

Starting in a squat, hands on the handles of the kettlebell. Keep arms straight and stand up quickly, pulling the kettlebell up the line of your body. As you stand up, float the kettlebell up to chest height and then holding in a ‘by the horns’ goblet position, perform a full squat.

SA KB Press from the floor x 8ea

Maintain a 45 degree angle away from your body, avoid flaring elbows. Punch up to the ceiling and keep wrists straight (knuckles to the ceiling)

FINISHER x 3 Rounds

Burpees x 15

Mountain Climbers x 15ea

Side to Side Hops x 15ea

Bicycle Crunches x 15ea


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