Body Weight workout

Body weight only workout. This short circuit can be done as a stand alone workout or added to another short circuit to make a longer workout. Perform reps as prescribed for a set amount of rounds(3 to 4), or set a timer for 15 to 20 minutes and do as many rounds as possible for a more cardio intensive workout.

Airsquats x 15

Knees apart, sit back and bend your knees to as low a squat depth as you comfortable can. Can sit back to a chair if need be.

Inchworm to Push Up x 15

Hips stay high walk yourself out on your hands (flat palm to floor, try to avoid tenting your fingers) and when you get to the high plank position, drop down in to a single push-up. If push-ups from your toes are too challenging, drop your knees and perform a modified push-up.

Alternating Reverse Lunges x 10ea

Take a big step back and bend both knees, dropping your back knee towards the floor.  If going down the floor is too hard or bothers your knees, go down to whatever depth is comfortable for you to maintain for all 10 reps.

Prone T’s x 15 

Face down on the floor, hands out to your sides(about or just below shoulder height) with thumbs to the ceiling. Pull thumbs up to ceiling while squeezing shoulder blades back.



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