1 KB Workout

1 KB workout. You can go with the reps as prescribed if you have a moderate to heavier kettlebell, or if you have a lighter kettlebell bump the reps to 15 of everything. You can do this for a predetermined amount of sets (3 – 4) or you can set a timer for 20 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible for a more cardio intensive workout.

Goblet Squat x 10

Keep the weight close to you, push knees apart and sit back, bending knees and going as far down as your mobility allows you. As you come back up, stand up all the way tall and squeeze your glutes.

3 Pt Row x 10ea

Set up in a staggered stance (one foot in front of the other). If leading with your right foot, place hand on your leading leg to give you more stability and leverage. With the weight in your opposite hand, pull the weight towards your waist or hips and pull your shoulder blades down and back.

Alternating Goblet Reverse Lunge x 10ea

Keep the weight close to you, with one foot take a step back and bend both knees, allowing the back knee to descend all the way down the ground or as far down a you can go given your personal mobility. Step forward so that both feet are back together and switch sides.

KB Bilateral Press from floor x 10

On your back, place both hands around the ‘bell’ part of the kettlebell firmly, keep your elbows in tight and press both hands away from your chest and towards the ceiling. If you have a lighter kettlebell, perform more reps.

Kettlebell Swing x 15

Keeping a flat back with your upper back engaged, place both hands on the handle of the kettlebell and pull towards you, allowing the KB to float between your legs and back behind you. From here, thrust hips forward and squeeze your glutes, allowing the momentum coming from your hip thrust to float the kettlebell out in front of you to about chest or shoulder height. Do not pull the weight up with your arms.  You can swap this out for a KB Deadlift if swings aren’t your thing.



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