1 DB or KB Workout

All you need is one dumbbell or one kettlebell to do this workout. If all you have at home is one heavier weight, feel free to stay with the reps recommended. If you only have a lighter weight at home, try bumping to number of reps up to 15 or until you feel sufficiently worked in a set. Perform these exercises three times through, or set a time for 15 to 20 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible. Can be done as a stand alone short workout or in addition to other short circuits to make up a longer workout.

DB/KB Kick Stand Romanian Deadlift x 10ea

Hold weight in the hand opposite the working leg.  Keep hips up high while hinging at the hips, keeping the weight close to your body and shoulders back, allow the weight to reach to about mid shin and then stand up, squeeze glutes at the top. You should be maintaining tension through your upper back and a flat back the whole time.

Bent Over 2 Pt Row x 10ea 

Feet together or about hip width (go with comfort), sit your hips back and hinge at the hips. Maintaining shoulders back and a flat back, row the weight towards your hip/waist and squeeze your shoulder blades down and back.

SA DB/KB Racked Squat x 10ea

Position the weight over your shoulder, brace core and sit evenly back through both legs. Sit your butt back behind you, aim to keep your knees in alignment with your foot and not going beyond the toes. Reach back to a chair can help.

DB or KB Lat Pull Over x 15

Keep arms relatively straight (slight bend in the elbow) and hold the weight tight on either side. Take the weight from the front of your legs to above chest and land behind head near the floor and then pull the weight back towards the starting position while maintaining mostly straight arms. Brace your core and keep your low back to the floor.




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