Body Weight Core, Glutes & Quad Workout

Here’s a body weight floor core/glute & quad workout! Just need your body and some space to knock out this workout! In the video I’ll demonstrate a few repetitions of each exercise, and in the description I have a couple of cues to keep in mind as you go through your workout.

Alternating Leg Lowers x 10ea(keeping your legs as straight as you can, tummy tight low back to floor)

Tuck Ups x 10ea (Hug your knees to your chest, and you should be balancing on your butt at the top with feet off the floor. If this is too challenge, keep feet on the ground or sub out for crunches or just tucking in your knees but keeping your back on the floor)

Mermaids x 10ea (Similar to a tuck up, you want to get your upper body and legs off the floor, balancing mostly on the side of your butt/hips. If you cannot do these, sub in a side plank hold or just tuck your knees in as opposed to keeping your legs long if you need a modification)

Deadbug HOLD 30s (tummy tight, low back to floor, squeeze glutes, toes to ceiling)

Deadbug Heel Taps x 15ea (keep shins active by pointing toes up and maintaining the 90 degree angles at your knees and feet, you should feel like you are maintaining a lot of tension in your legs and core)

Straight Leg Raise x 15 (keep your leg straight, focus on squeezing your quads)

Glute Bridge x 15(squeeze your butt!)

Side Lying Leg Raise x 15ea (leg stays straight, squeeze quad and butt, think about reaching with your heel to the ceiling and not your toe)

Check it out and let me know how you do! Great for before a heavier workout or as a stand alone, perform for 2 to 3 rounds or set up as a 15 to 20 minute AMRAP.

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